4794 Michael Jay St.
Snellville, Georgia 30039
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Phone: (770) 761-3402
Fax:     (770) 679-4761

About Us

Haven Developmental Care is a Community Living Arrangement licensed by the Division of Community Health, and certified by the Division of Behavior Health and Developmental Disability.

We provide care that is consistent with our mandate; we believe that an individual with Intellectual and Developmental Disability must be afforded the opportunity to develop their Individual capacity that helps to lessen their dependency.

Haven Developmental Care’s delightful surroundings and comfortable environment makes it an ideal place to call home. Each individual has their own private room and share the common area with their peers. The service at Haven Developmental Care is individualized and caters to the need of each individual at their level of functioning.

Our Mission

The mission of Haven Developmental Care is to provide care for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disability, so that they can become integrated into the wider community with a great degree of quality and life enhancement skills. We believe that individuals must be equipped with all of the necessary skills through relationship building, regardless of the severity of their disability, or challenging behavior.

The Haven Developmental Care Staff

  • Carol Trim-Bagot, MA is the director at Haven Developmental Care’s. She has a Master Degree in Human Service Administration.
  • Ulric Clarke is our Manager at Haven Developmental Care’s. He works with the staff in overseeing the care for clients at the facility.

Our Story at Haven Developmental Care’s

Carol Trim-Bagot has worked in the Mental Health field for over 25 years and the motivation for Haven Developmental Care was born when she became a caregiver for her grandson, who was born with a Developmental Disability.

Having recognized that a loving environment is an integral part of the care that her grandson needed, she became a strong advocate for Community Integration and access to Community Resources.

Haven Developmental Care is designed to work with a holistic team of caregivers in providing outstanding care to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disability.

Haven Developmental Care have competent and professional skilled staff to provide needed support and care for Individuals, HDCI is committed to providing outstanding care to those in need.